Fertility Solutions

A very real concern for many couples is their inability to conceive a baby and it is estimated that 25% of British couples experience fertility problems.

Often women who find themselves in this position are on an emotional roller-coaster, sometimes becoming so obsessed with their inability to conceive, they can think of nothing else. Paralysed with fear, dreading the start of their period, their marriage under strain, self-esteem plummeting..... with the body in a constant state of fight and flight, is it no wonder they are not getting pregnant?

In Britain, we tend to think of infertility exclusively as a medical problem. However, the common stories of couples trying to have a baby for ages, and then falling pregnant when they're on holiday, or almost immediately after they have adopted, suggests that there is a strong emotional element attached to conception.

For nearly a third of couples their infertility is 'unexplained'. The frustrating diagnosis means that, despite thorough investigations, doctors can find no specific problem. However, if a couple fails to become pregnant, there is obviously something causing the problem. The answer is to look deeper - at lifestyle, stress and emotional blocks interfering with what you should be a very natural process.

How Can I Help You?

HypnoFertility Therapy involves a series of individual therapy sessions working with the couple to help decrease stress, resolve emotional issues associated with fertility, and set the stage for natural conception.

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