Hypnotic Resources & Dream Analysis with Carole Murray Adv.Dip.THP, CRAH, LONDON UK. Member of the HypnoBirthing Institute

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
Albert Einstein

Dream Analysis

Your unconscious mind, the immense storehouse of memories and experiences of your life is, on a nighly basis, communicating with you in an effort to guide you through the maze of life. Every dream holds a message for you, by acknowledging and acting upon these messages life-transforming changes occur. Isn't it time you listened?

Why Do We Dream?

One of the functions of dreams is to help us to make sense of our day. Our mind looks for a best fit picture from our past and, when it finds one, it will create a dream which draws upon images from our own personal memories. In this way, our dreams continually reflect our ever changing understanding of our world.

Dreams act as safety-valves in a culture where feelings are kept under tight control. These feelings may be repressed, but they certainly don't go away. They get locked away in our bodies until, at night, when we are immobilised in our beds, we can safely feel what we are afraid to feel in our waking lives: murderous rage, terrible grief or rampant sexuality can be faced in the dream and understood because we cannot do any harm whilst asleep in our beds.

Ironically, when we sleep, it is an opportunity for us to get to know ourselves better. By working on the dream images, we can learn about ourselves and what drives us. We may meet parts of us which horrify us or, alternatively, we may find a hero within our dreams when our waking self feels a failure. If we can understand that each dream character is an aspect of ourselves, then we realise we have all the resources we need within us, if we would only look.

Life is a journey.......
Travel it well.....

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Dreaming Your Reality

A film was shown on TV recently called "The Sphere". In it, Dustin Hoffman and his crew are sent to the bottom of the sea to explore an alien craft lying on the seabed. As they explore the vessel they discover an enormous living sphere situated deep within the craft. One by one, each crew member enters the sphere and, upon returning, they discover they have been given a wonderful gift - the ability to create reality from their thoughts.

The film then becomes quite dark because, as Dustin Hoffman's character says, "We human beings are so primitive the only thoughts we create are fearful ones." As a result, each member of the crew has to face a dangerous reality where they are confronted by their deepest fears. The film ends when the crew agree to 'forget' their new found gift and the sphere shoots up through the ocean and back out into the great unknown from whence it came.

As I saw this film, I smiled, because although the plot would be classed as science-fiction, to me it held an important truth within the frames: we create our own reality with our thoughts. We need to take responsibility for our thoughts for they affect our reality. Just like in the film, if we are afraid of something, that fear will colour our reality until we have the courage to turn around and face it.

Our dreams represent our semi-conscious thoughts, bubbling up to the surface of our minds and if we work on our dream and understand its message then we can change the thought before it does any damage. If the dream is a positive one, then we have an opportunity to bring that thought to life all the quicker by understanding the dream's message.

I imagine my unconscious mind like a ball of play dough. My beliefs, thoughts, fears and hopes create the contours and shapes, dimples and bulges of the ball. And, as I view the ball, I realise as I poke, prod, and sculpt its form, the play ball doesn't fight back. It accepts my map of the world and will then attempt to recreate my inner world in my outer reality.

Your dreams provide you with a small cross section of this inner map. They emerge from the greater part of you not governed by time. They have the ability to heal your past, make sense of your present and prepare you for a possible future being shaped by your thoughts.

So, if you want to change your world, you may want to change the way you think about it.